Battery Back-Up Sump Pumps

Battery Back-Ups

Battery Back-Up sump pumps is a completely separate power supply, pump and float assembly, and discharge line.  They automatically activate when the AC electric supply is cut. They convert 12V DC battery power into standard 120V electricity to running the separate pump. When the power is on they Run off of standard 115V electricity. Battery back up sump pumps do not have the same power as a standard sump pump and therefore offer only temporary coverage in the event of power outage. A standard pump can pump 4-5,000 gallons of water an hour while a battery back-up pump can only do about 800-1000 gallons an hour. If you have more than one pump you would prefer to put the battery back-up pump nearer the finished area.

Back-ups are designed to operate after your main AC is out. They will turn on automatically. There are even some models that will notice pump failure and kick on to cover for the failed pump. An alarm will sound in this event. It must be said that back-ups are know to be somewhat finicky. They can and often do fail to kick on when power fails or will activate when the pump is operating normally. This can be a source of considerable stress. The ideal situation is to simply supply the house with a universal backup power supply, or an UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply). This would be connected to the any sump pumps, freezer, fridge etc.